Baked Brownie Oatmeal (Vegan-Friendly, GF-Friendly)

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What’s better than a brownie? A brownie for breakfast of course! And with this healthy, protein packed Baked Brownie Oatmeal, you can do just that!

Using mostly pantry staples, this meal prep friendly breakfast is chocolaty and fudgey just like a brownie should be, while also being full of satiating protein and fiber. How may you ask? Beans! Yep, that’s right. If you have a can of black beans hiding in your pantry, you can make this heavenly baked oatmeal.

Now before you start hurling legumes at me for making such a blasphemous recipe, hear me out. Beans give this recipe a thick, dense center, just like a brownie. And, with a little lemon juice trick, you would never even know they’re in there. There’s a reason my brownie batter recipe is one of the most popular ones on this blog. Loaded with plant based protein, these beans help to make sure both your stomach and taste buds are satisfied.

This recipe is a great make ahead breakfast. It’s both portable and freezer friendly. Warm up a square from the fridge or freezer and you’ll have a delicious, nutritious breakfast ready to help you tackle the day.

If you’re not on the run though, you can pair a square of this with some creamy yogurt or even some whipped cream if you want to have it for a tasty dess