Spicy Beet Coconut Milk Soup (Vegan)

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Want a soup that will literally look like you put your blood, sweat, and tears into it, but won’t literally taste like your bodily fluids? Then this Spicy Beet Coconut Milk Soup is perfect!

Spicy Beet Coconut Milk Soup
Spicy Beet Coconut Milk Soup

The beets give this creamy soup it’s bright, blood red color and earthy notes that help to balance out the spices. Beets also provide a heaping helping of nutrients like vitamin C, folate, and fiber. Sure, you could get some nutrients from literally drinking blood, but if you’re vegan, you’re going to need to get your nutrients elsewhere. And, unless you’re wearing a tinfoil hat right now, you’re probably in the majority of the population who doesn’t believe in vampires, so you’ll need another way to fuel your body too.

This recipe also could not be simpler. All you need is a pot, a blender, and a few ingredients to make a dish that will look and taste like you toiled for hours over. In reality, this soup is done in half an hour, but your dinner guests don’t need to know that.

Depending on the portion size, this soup makes a great meal or appetizer. Serve it hot with a swirl of coconut cream, crushed pistachios, and maybe an extra dash of cracked red pepper if you like some extra heat. I like to dunk a thick slice of crusty bread into mine.

Put the sacrificial knife down and get that blood red color you crave a different way with this soup. You, and the chicken in your hand, will thank you.

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