Black Sesame Protein Bread

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Inspiration for this recipe came from my mom’s (and my own) love for black sesame tahini. If you’ve never had black sesame tahini before, it’s basically like regular tahini’s goth brother, who wants to legally change his name to Nighthawk.

Besides it’s cool appearance, black sesame tahini has a nuttier, slightly more bitter taste to it than white sesame tahini. It’s usually found in Asian dishes and desserts. Some of my favorite ways to enjoy it are in heukimja juk (korean black sesame porridge), spreading a thick layer of it on toast with a generous helping of honey, or baking it straight into toast with this recipe!

From the protein powder and healthy fats in this bread recipe, toasting up a couple of slices of it in the morning makes for a filling and nutritious breakfast. I Iove to top mine with some yogurt and honey or maple syrup.

This recipe is also freezer friendly, making it a great make-ahead or meal prep option. Just slice it and store it in the freezer. Toss a couple slices of it in the toaster and pair it with some fruit whenever you need a quick, healthy breakfast.

Tasty, nutritious, AND meal-prep friendly? That’s a breakfast even Nighthawk would approve of, even when he’s performing a hunger strike until his mom lets him get a tattoo.