Hasselback Japanese Sweet Potatoes

Looking for a way to spice up your favorite tuber? Just use a little knife trick and some literal spice to make these hasselback sweet potatoes!

Hasselback Sweet Potatoes
Hasselback Sweet Potatoes

If you’ve never had a hasselback potato or sweet potato before, it’s a potato that has had slices cut into it, but not all the way. This allows the edges to crisp up while baking. It’s basically like eating a log of potato chips, which is something I would not turn down.

These hasselback sweet potatoes may look daunting at first, but they are surprisingly easy to make! They also make you look like a pro chef who used their $700, Japanese, name-engraved knife to cut them. So, win-win there. But you don’t need an imported knife to slice these spuds. You just need a sharp knife, a few sweet potatoes, and, my all time favorite utensil: chopsticks.

Placing the sweet potato in between the chopsticks while you slice it will help to avoid cutting all the way through.

I used Japanese sweet potatoes for this recipe because they’re in season at the moment and one of my favorite varieties. They’re a bit firmer and nuttier than orange sweet potatoes, so they’re a great addition to a fall or winter meal. If you cannot find them at your supermarket, regular orange or white sweet potatoes work just as well.

Also, just a side note about the excess honey mixture you’ll find at the bottom of the baking dish while baking these potatoes. DO.NOT.THROW.IT.OUT! That stuff is the food of the gods. When you're done baking the potatoes, spoon it over the top of them. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Promise me you’ll do this! If you don’t, I will hunt you down, break into your kitchen, and drink it straight out of the baking dish with a reusable straw. Okay, I probably won’t do that, but just do it anyways.

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