Healthy Vegan Mac and Cheese (GF)

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When you think of Mac and Cheese, you probably don’t imagine a salad, but that’s exactly what this Healthy Vegan Mac and Cheese is!

Now before you hurl your dehydrated, orange powder packets at me for disgracing the name of Mac and cheese, just hear me out. This Mac and cheese is creamy, cheesy, and goey, as a good Mac and cheese should be! It just happens to be made with vegetables.

That buttery sauce is made with a base of cauliflower and coconut milk. Stirred together with a bit of tapioca starch, it becomes just as goey as the microwaveable mac and cheese cups you hoarded in your dorm room. Not only is the cheese made from vegetables, but also the mac! I used a mixture of chickpea pasta and spaghetti squash to up the protein, fiber, and volume in this recipe.

Now, you may have noticed this recipe is in the “meal prep” category. Usually, meal prepping mac and cheese is a recipe for a gummy disaster. With this recipe though, you can prepare the different components, cook the pasta right before you’re ready to eat, and have a side dish or meal ready in minutes that will have the whole table saying “cheese”...y'know like smiling? Like you’re taking a picture and saying….cheese? No? Okay never mind. Just make the mac and cheese.

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