Hobakjuk | Korean Pumpkin Porridge (Vegan, GF)

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Sweet and a little nutty. Those adjectives usually describe me, but today, I’m using them to describe one of my favorite Korean dishes Hobak-Juk!

This dish is often served as a snack or breakfast in Korean. Packed with nutrients, it’s mild in flavor and easy to digest, making it popular to serve to the elderly or someone recovering from an illness. I’m neither of those things, but I love serving myself up a warm bowl of it in the morning. Topping it with a few saealsim and a drizzle of honey is pure bliss on a cold winter day.

This recipe is also an easy addition to your meal prep rotation. It just takes a handful of ingredients and a little elbow grease peeling the Kabocha Squash to have a nourishing meal to enjoy all week long. If you’ve never had kabocha before, it’s a squash that’s sweeter than regular pumpkin. It’s commonly used in east-asian recipes and can usually be found in the supermarkets during fall and winter. If you’re unable to find it though, check the recipe for substitutions!

One of the best parts of any breakfast bowl is the toppings. If you’re meal prepping this, then you can switch them up everyday to keep things interesting. I like adding nuts, seeds, granola, but my all-time favorite is homemade saealsim, which are sweet, korean rice cakes. Add whatever else you like, but definitely don’t skimp on the rice cakes. They’re a serious highlight in this dish. You can easily make them yourself or find them in Asian supermarkets.