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March and April Recap

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links

I’m lumping my March and April recaps together because...not much happened in March and April. Simultaneously, these were probably the most insane two months that no one was expecting.

I’ve been social distancing and staying home except to get necessities since early March. If I’m being perfectly honest though, it hasn’t been all that different from my regular lifestyle. I’m fairly introverted (okay, borderline anti-social) and work from home usually.

While I’ve been inside though, I’ve been using the time that isn’t filled with finishing up the coursework for my last year of school with brushing up on my skills and hobbies. There’s a list of resources I’ve been using below for at home workouts, hobbies, and just general entertainment when the world outside starts seen a bit too much.

A couple of highlights from the past few months:


“Sprout”, my thesis film, is officially picture locked. After starting this process in January of 2019, it’s weird to be “done”. There were a lot of long work days, fussy computers, and even a pandemic in the midst of bringing this short animation to fruition. But it’s finally almost ready for the big screen...or at least a shared zoom screen with my class.

I collaborated with Vegan Bodega Cat again to create both an illustrated infographic for her instagram and an animation for her YouTube channel. Although I’m not vegan myself, I do eat a mainly plant based diet. I’ve seen a lot of benefits to my overall health and well being when I started incorporating more vegan and vegetarian meals. I think everyone could use more plants in their diets, so I love being able to help promote that message.

Vegan Bowl Infographic
Vegan Bowl Infographic

I also did a few days of the procreate care pack challenge (but stopped since I have the attention span of a goldfish) and have also been participating in the Seven Celebrations art challenge on Instagram.

procreate care pack challenge
procreate care pack challenge

I took a feature script writing class and now have my first feature length script...and no idea what to do with it! First thing I need to do is edit it of course, because there’s enough spelling errors and plot holes to make an English teacher gag. After that though, who knows where this thing could end up. Maybe it’ll just sit in my computer forever. We shall see.

During the end of April I also signed off to do a project that I’ve always dreamed about. I unfortunately have to tease you and can’t share anything about it now, but you guys will find out soon!

Favorite food/recipes:

I usually eat out once a week, but that has stopped along with the rest of the country. The last thing I ate that didn’t come from my own kitchen was a takeout order from one of my favorite bakeries in LA: Sqirl. I got their famous rainbow toast. It’s a thick slab of brioche bread smothered in ricotta, and topped with their homemade (and to die for) jams. I also got their honeycomb, cacao nib cookie and my life is forever changed.

Since then though, I’ve been experimenting like a mad scientist in the kitchen. Some of my ventures have included homemade vegan protein bars, marinara sauce and tofu ricotta that I used to make an overly time consuming ratatouille, and even homemade marshmallows. Yes, you can make marshmallows at home. I completely broke my hand mixer making them and can never make them again, but, you can make them at home.

homemade marshmallows
homemade marshmallows

Home workouts I’ve been enjoying:

Movies I’ve been watching:

Rewatched Call Me By Your Name. It's still amazing.

Watched The Ruins, which is great if you need something gorey to go with your popcorn.

I'm late to the party, but I also watched Train to Busan for the first time and was an emotional wreck by the end. I thought I was getting a zombie movie, not an emotional roller coaster! I would highly recommend it though, especially before the sequel comes out.

Skillshare classes I’ve been taking:

Making a Living as an Artist with Brooke Glaser

Creative Transformation with Mari Andrew

Hope you all have a safe and healthy May!

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