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Vegan, Low Carb Bibimguksu (GF)

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Love bibimbap? Then you’re going to adore it’s lesser known, but equally delicious, cousin bibim guksu!

Vegan, Low Carb Bibimguksu
Vegan, Low Carb Bibimguksu

Bibim guksu is basically bibimbap, just with a base of noodles instead of rice.The cold noodles make it a popular summertime meal. The noodles are topped with vegetables, a spicy sauce, and usually a hard boiled egg to complete the satisfying dish. It makes for a healthy lunch or dinner.

Vegan, Low Carb Bibimguksu
Vegan, Low Carb Bibimguksu

This meal prep friendly version is vegan and can easily be made keto. The traditional dish usually uses somyeon or thin wheat flour noodles. As these are not regularly available at most American grocery stores and to lower the carbs, I used spiralized turnip “noodles”. Depending on your dietary preferences though, feel free to use the real stuff or spiralized zucchini or daikon radish.

Vegan, Low Carb Bibimguksu
Vegan, Low Carb Bibimguksu

This dish is also extremely customizable depending on what vegetables you have on hand. I went with kimchi, shredded carrot, and cucumber, but marinated mushrooms, bell pepper, shredded red cabbage, and baby corn make nice additions as well. Add virtually any vegetable you like. You could add different vegetables everyday to your meal prepped noodle base if you don’t want to get bored!

Ditch your usual rice bowl and spice things up with a spicy noodle bowl instead!

If you make this recipe or any others on my blog, tag me in a photo on Instagram @figisisters . I would love to see your recreation!



Makes about 3 servings



200 g (About half a 16 oz block) - Extra firm tofu 45 g - Soy Sauce - Sub tamari or coconut aminos for gluten free

10 g - Rice Vinegar

20 g - Maple Syrup - Sub honey or agave

¼ tsp - Garlic Powder

¼ tsp - Smoked Paprika - Optional, but recommended

Gochujang Sauce:

14 g - Gochugaru

30 g - Gochujang Paste

5 g - Rice Vinegar

15 g - Soy Sauce

10 g - Maple Syrup

8 g - Coconut Sugar - Sub brown sugar

14 g - Sesame Oil

2-3 tbsp - Water


170 g - Carrots - Shredded

600 g - Turnips - Spiralized - sub daikon or zucchini noodles

200 g - Cucumber - Seeds removed and thinly sliced

115 g - Kimchi - Use vegan if needed

10 g - Fresh Ginger - Minced

3-4 - Garlic Cloves - Minced

Spinach/Cabbage - Optional

Optional Garnish:

100 g - Radish - Thinly sliced

Toasted Sesame Seeds


Hard Boiled Egg

Shredded Nori

Sliced green onion


The night before, press tofu with a tofu press* until all excess water is expelled. Freeze for at least 4 hours. Defrost, and press again until all excess water is expelled*.

Thinly slice the tofu.

In a bowl, mix together the remaining tofu ingredients to create a marinade. Add tofu to a bowl and pour marinade over. Allow to marinate for at least half an hour, ideally 2 hours. Flip the tofu halfway through to ensure it is evenly coated.

Preheat the oven to 350F. Place tofu on a parchment lined baking sheet. Bake for 20-23 minutes or until golden brown. Flip halfway through.

While the tofu is baking, using nonstick method of choice (i.e. oil, cooking spray, nonstick cookware, etc.) add garlic and ginger to a large pan over medium-low heat. Cook until the garlic is fragrant. Add in turnip noodles to the and cook until just softened. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

Mix together all gochujang sauce ingredients.

Remove tofu from the oven and allow to cool completely on the baking sheet. Cooling will help it to firm up and become crispier.

In bowls or tupperware, lay down a layer spinach or cabbage leaves. Add turnip noodles, carrots, cucumber, and kimchi. When ready to eat, garnish with desired toppings, pour over sauce, and enjoy.

Alternatively, if meal prepping, store guksu bowls separately from the sauce in the fridge for up to 4 days.


  • If you don’t have a tofu press, you can make your own by placing the tofu between two plates and stacking something heavy on top such as large books, cans, water jugs, etc.

  • Pressing and freezing the tofu helps the texture and makes it more crispy.

Want another tasty vegan dish to meal prep? Make this Vegan Palak Paneer!

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