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Black Forest Cake Overnight Oats (Vegan-Friendly, GF)

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Want Black Forest cake for breakfast? Still want to feel energized and ready to take on the day afterwards? Then this recipe for Black Forest Cake Overnight Oats is for you!

Black Forest Cake Overnight Oats
Black Forest Cake Overnight Oats

Easily made vegan, these oats start with cacao cherry blended base, with sweet cherries, tangy Greek yogurt, and intense dark chocolate chips layered on top. With every bite tasting like dessert, you’d never guess that these tantalizing jars are actually good for you.

Black Forest Cake Overnight Oats
Black Forest Cake Overnight Oats

They’re loaded with fiber from the oats, cherries, and the hidden veggie (if you know me, you’ve probably already guessed what it is). The Greek yogurt adds a protein boost, while the dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants while adding crunch and a touch of sweetness. One of these tasty jars will satisfy your sweet cravings while also keeping you full until lunch.

Creamy, indulgent, and a good source of healthy carbs and fiber? These overnight oats are so good and so good for you, you’ll be able to have cake everyday for breakfast. No sugar crash needed.

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Makes 3 servings


150 g - Frozen Cauliflower Rice

420 g - Frozen, Dark Sweet Cherries - Divided

15 g - Cacao Powder

30 g - Maple Syrup - sub sweetener of choice

5 g - Espresso Powder - Optional*, but recommended

120 ml - Nut Milk

80 g - Rolled Oats - Use gluten free if needed

255 g - Greek Yogurt - Sub coconut yogurt for vegan

30 g - Dark Chocolate - Roughly chopped - Sub cacao nibs or chocolate chips

40 g - Cherry Jam - Optional

¼ tsp - Kosher Salt


In a microwave safe bowl, add the cauliflower rice and 300 grams of cherries. Microwave for 2 minutes or until thawed.

Add cauliflower, cherries, cacao powder, maple syrup, espresso powder, nut milk, and salt to a blender. Blend on high until completely smooth.

In a large bowl, add oats. Pour blender mixture over the oats and stir until evenly incorporated. Cover and allow to thicken in the fridge for at least 2 hours to overnight.

To assemble, add a layer of oat mixture, followed by a layer of yogurt, jam, and cherries, another layer of oats, and then topped with yogurt, cherries, and chocolate.

Store in the fridge for up to 3-4 days.


  • The espresso powder doesn’t make it taste like coffee. It helps to enhance the chocolate flavor.

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