Red Bean Nice Cream (Vegan, GF)

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If you’re a hibachi fan, you may have been offered a scoop of red bean ice cream after your meal. You may have winced if you’re not familiar with sweet red bean paste. It’s made up of adzuki beans simmered in sugar until it’s thick, creamy. And, I promise, it doesn’t taste like a burrito. This popular asian flavor is what inspired today’s recipe Red Bean Nice Cream.

This vegan take on red bean ice cream is high in satiating fiber and protein. It’s also far lower in added sugar. I used leftover homemade red bean paste from my Red Bean Mochi to control the sugar content even more. To save yourself time though, you can use store bought or find it online!

Ready in just minutes, this nice cream makes the perfect, healthy summer treat to enjoy after nearly burning the house down with a tiny onion volcano. Or, just, yknow, whenever you feel like having it.

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