Sweet Vegan Ricotta (GF, Nut-Free, Refined-Oil Free)

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

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You’re craving cannolis. Only problem: you’re vegan. That means no dairy. Well, that’s not a problem anymore with this Sweet Vegan Ricotta around.

Sweet Vegan Ricotta
Sweet Vegan Ricotta

This sweet ricotta is a spin on my savory Vegan Ricotta, which is perfect for stuffed shells or adding to pizza. Don’t go using this Sweet Vegan Ricotta for lasagna though. It’s ideal for making vegan cannolis, blintzes, or spreading on toast topped with fruit and maple syrup.

With a firm tofu base, this ricotta substitute is high in protein and mimics the same texture as the dairy-filled stuff. It comes together in just minutes and will last you all week long. A warning though, this stuff tastes so good, my jar usually only lasts about a day max.

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Makes about 10 servings or 600 grams